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Bancroft & Neil Water was founded in Bulawayo in 1946 as an agricultural business and, in those early years, grew to become the major supplier of stationary engines for borehole pumps and other applications.As time progressed, the company became a major supplier of polythene and PVC pipes as well as copper and galvanized fittings and parts for use in water engineering.
Growing demand from the agricultural sector, resulted in the company developing its own range of hand operated water pumps for rural applications.Later...
..Bancroft & Neil Water diversified into leather cups and seals, that are used in various pumps and hydraulic machines. From 1994 to the present day, the Bancroft & Neil Water head office and workshop are located at 8 Wakefield Road, in the Belmont Industrial area of Bulawayo.
Bancroft  & Neil Water is one of most experienced companies in the field of borehole design, installation, maintenance and related areas.
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