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Our products and services are tailored to provide solutions for domestic, commercial, industrial and mining applications throughout Zimbabwe. Bancroft & Neil Water can provide a complete borehole and water solution, based on our capabilities and skills that we have developed over the years.
Bancroft  & Neil Water is one of most experienced companies in the field of borehole design, drilling, installation, maintenance and related areas.
Borehole Base Caps and Accessories
Products and Services
What we can do for you
Take a look at our impressive services portfolio and find out how we can be of service to you.
Bancroft & Neil Water offers air drilling services for different types of water wells according to customer, statutory, and technical specifications.
Ancilliary services offered are flushing and casing.
Once drilling of a borehole has been completed,
Bancroft & Neil Water can fit and supply all the equipment required to provide water from the borehole to whatever premises are required by the client.
Water Storage Tank Installation
Storage tanks can be installed by the company for various requirements,
including the tanks required for high rise buildings, domestic and industrial applications.
Bancroft & Neil Water can carry out repairs and maintenance to virtually any type of water and borehole systems,
ranging from mechanical bush pumps to submersible motors and pumps, rod pumps and other equipment types.
There are various service plans that clients can select for the servicing of their water and borehole equipment.
This enables clients to avoid unnecessary downtime of water supply.
Bancroft & Neil Water will fish out equipment..
that accidentally falls into a borehole and requires retrieval either for re-use or to simply clear the borehole
Specialist parts and components can be made to specific client requirements and this includes cutting special lengths of pipes and threading and tapping them.
Other small parts required can also be made for clients, either according to engineering drawings or a specific request.
The dewatering service is available for bulk water drainage such as in mines, building basements,
wells, tunnels or any situations where large amounts of water need to be drained out.
In addition to rewinding motors for water applications, this service is offered for all types of motors from the mining sector,
manufacturing and heavy users of water equipment such as local authorities.
The company can carry out capacity or yield tests for a borehole to determine the amount of water that can be sustainably extracted from the borehole.
In addition, we will assist in the sizing of a pump and motor set, against the results of a capacity test.
Water and Borehole Equipment Repairs
Servicing of Borehole Equipment
Fishing out Equipment in Boreholes
Borehole Capacity
Bulk Water Drainage and Dewatering
Motor Rewinding
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